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Five Element Shiatsu
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 5 reviews
by Carolyn on Five Element Shiatsu
Shiatsu + Chi Gung

Highly recommended! Peter was clearly experienced and knowledgeable, and both my sister-in-law and I found our sessions very helpful. I'm happy to have found a trustworthy shiatsu professional in Delhi and generally enjoyed the experience and the chat with him afterwards. Looking forward to future sessions (and forest baths), and also really enjoying the chi gung sessions with him in the park!

by Meenakshi Nath on Five Element Shiatsu
Healing Forest Walk

The healing forest walk organised by Peter was over three days, and each day felt so perfect it was difficult to imagine a better day - but then the next one was 🙂 Peter shared the wonderful trails he had discovered with us, and thanks to him I have experienced the healing quality of the forests. This is the first but definitely not the last of such walks for me.

by barkha on Five Element Shiatsu
BEST decision!!

In this fast paced high stress life we often don't give enough attention to our body and we don't understand why we have ailments. Thank god for this gentle soul is there who is so attuned and intuitive, he is able to listen to the body and balance the energies and bring back healthy vital flow of energy back.
For me i could not have known the trauma my shoulder was in and kept worrying about only the pain. Now because of him i know exactly what to do to heal myself.
Thank you peter for being you

by Anshul on Five Element Shiatsu
Pure Bliss

Little did I know what a blissful experience I would be in for, when Peter commenced the Shiatsu session. My whole body went into a deeply relaxed state as Peter worked his magic using Shiatsu techniques. After a point, I became so relaxed, I fell asleep and by the end of the session, I was sleeping like a baby.

Shiatsu massage is something I'd definitely recommend everyone to try at least once and as for myself, I'd definitely come back for another session by Peter. Thank you for the blissful experience, Peter!

by Meenakshi Nath on Five Element Shiatsu
Wonderful healing experience

Peter has given me Shiatsu treatment on three separate occasions, each one greatly reduced the problems I faced due to a chronic UTI problem. To start with, I fell asleep as soon as Peter began the treatment 🙂 waking up feeling rested and relaxed. The pain and discomfort due to UTI reduced significantly with every treatment and hasn't recurred for a while. This UTI problem has been going on for two years and I had become immune to all the oral anti-biotics. I refuse to use any more Allopathic treatments and am pleased to have discovered Shiatsu through Peter. It will be my first choice to resolve problems - most of which need to be treated in an integrated rather than only at the physical level.